Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quilt show in Coatesville

There was a range of quilts on display at the Bays' Patchwork Group's outdoor quilt show on Sunday. The majority of the quilts were what I would label traditional. And while they weren't all my cup of tea, there was a lot of skill to admire. Many of the quilts showed how much quilting adds to the quilt.

Here are some that I admired -

Traditional Baskets by Joy Wiseman. Quilted by Susan Trendall.

Square Mint made and quilted by Judi Schon


Beautiful applique by Joy Wiseman and quilted by Susan Trendall. 

Think I might have to google Joy Wiseman, because this is another one of hers. Quilted by Judy Schon.

I feel I have seen this one before. Maybe at Festival of Quilts in November? I like the quilting by Judi Schon.

I like that this one was made from corduroy. I haven't seen a quilt made from cord before. It is by Stephanie Dawes.

I thought this one, above,  was quite different from the others in the show. It is by Lynne Johnson and made from recycled saris. 

This is my personal favourite from the whole show. It was made by Jenny Renner.

As I said, it was an outdoor show and it would have been beautiful if the sun was shining and it was not drizzling. I would probably go again next year - if the weather was better or I took an umbrella with me.


  1. Thanks for sharing Karyn - I didn't get a chance to check out the show in the end. That corderoy quilt intrigues me, it looks quite snuggly. Perhaps we could hold our next show in your garden?

  2. I found out about this after the event. There were some beautiful quilts to see - love the blue and white one.