Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks Update

I am up to date with our Monday Modern's 2015 block of the month challenge. I have not sewn these ones in the exact order as the official guide because I wanted to feel like I was making progress, so sewed together what I had.

I really like the navy and green. Must do more of them. Pretty sure my Gran used to say, blue and green should never be seen [together].

And here they are sewn onto of the bigger blocks.

I spread them on the lounge floor to see how far I am with the project. Holy moley, it's a big one! It barely fits on the floor in the lounge. I had to clamber onto the couch to take the photo. The photo shows that I definitely need more navy to darken up other parts of the quilt so the newest addition doesn't stand out quite so much.

27/48 done. Lots of 6" blocks to go.


  1. Wow - this will look great. Definitely more blue though. I always remember my Nan saying that too - but then you look outside at the blue sky, and green trees against it, so I don't know why they say it.

  2. Yes they used to say "blue and green should never be seen
    Unless there's something in between"
    Had they never seen a peacock? Perhaps not. I love that combination.

  3. Your blocks are looking great all together... heaps to look at! Everyone's in our Monday Modern group are looking so very different, it's nice to see individual interpretations of the same pattern! Linda

  4. I love your greens and grays with touches of blue! Very fresh and soothing color story.

  5. Linda from Koka Quilts sent me your link! Such fun blocks you're making here, and I'm also a blue/green advocate so keep going with it!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies