Friday, September 25, 2015

My Hawaiian Modern Wedge

I am going to call this one my Hawaiian Modern Wedge because the green fabric came from Hawaii in 2013.

Vera Bradley has a shop in the Ala Moana Centre and we visited it several times to look at the nice bags. I don't think any of us bought a bag but I did buy this serviette, or napkin if you are American or posh, which I always knew would get cut up and used in a quilt.

The bee fabric has photographed a bit red. In real life, it's a nice dark magenta. And it's not spots or blue. Win.

I think I will make three - four more 'flowers' and then start to plan the background. I like the idea of a big quilt to go with these big, bright flowers.


  1. Looks good - that bee fabric has the look of spots though!!

  2. Love this colour combination. I'm not posh but I am a Brit and I do say 'napkin'!

  3. Wonderful wedge! Oh, I did laugh when I read this Karyn... I agree with Julie, the bees too read as a spot, but they look great! You have 'a style' !

  4. Nice repurposing of the table towel. It's got a lovely holiday feel to it and will make a really pretty quilt. Mel (I had to make up another name for it as I can't remember if I call it a serviette or a napkin!)