Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dirt and Fence Posts

I've started work on the background for the garden party quilt I started back in September at the workshop with Kathy Doughty.

Last Sunday a few of us Monday Modern girls met up at the Auckland Festival of Quilts. Not only did we check out the quilts, we did a little bit of shopping. I bought some blacks and browns for the dirt and fence posts.

I am really making this up as I go. I cut some 6" wide strips/rectangles and some 3.5" ones. It's probably close to 2m wide because I want it to be big and useful. The only space I have for a temporary design wall is in the hall as you enter from the front door, right under my photos from Bodie State Historic Park in California. Possibly a weird place to have a work in progress hanging, but oh well.

Once I got my dirt section sewn together, I started on my fence posts. I managed to use a couple of browns from my stash, some Spotlight shot cottons ('pepper' is my favourite), and my shopping from the F o Q last weekend.

My next step is to cut some greens to go in between the browns. Then blues for the sky. I look forward to working on this properly once school finishes for the year in four weeks.


  1. Bits of green peeping through the browns will look great! Looking forward to seeing how your modern wedges play on the background!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of this quilt. I love the spotlight shot cottons. So nice to have the holidays to look forward to for sewing time - I can't wait for a break from work either.