Saturday, November 7, 2015

Monday Modern Round Robin

Finally, I have finished my contribution to Laurina's original centre. Only a week late.

I have added the vines. That idea came from the centre where the birds sit on twigs. I was worried that my leaves were the wrong green for the rest of it, so I started the second vine with muddier greens. They didn't look right so I unpicked them and kept going with the brighter greens. Then I worried the whole vine idea looked a little bit twee. However, I feel the addition of the final border kind of brings it all back together again with good greens and navy.

I haven't enjoyed this round robin experience. It's just too hard working out what's best to add. I am a pattern follower and not a pattern creator.

Even more worrying than adding the next border is quilting and binding someone else's quilt. I have ended up with this one started by Robyn. (Photo taken by Laurina.) It is very cool and very original.

Given my machine quilting skills consist of one style of quilting - straightish - I think I will go back to some hand quilting on this one. Fortunately, I have until the middle of January to get it done.

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  1. That final border ties it together really well. I'm feeling anxious about the quilting step as well.