Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hand Quilting Robyn's Frog Quilt

Maybe about last August Laurina suggested we have a go at our own little round robin in our Monday Modern group. I started with this block -

And rejected it. At the time, I felt it was too much like my [still unquilted] circle game quilt. I went on to make tui o'clock. I love the orange and love the brown!

For the second round, I added to June's centre. Apparently, this quilt actually goes up the other way. I thought they were trees in the middle.

And then I added the vines and final border to Laurina's travelling quilt. (I did fix that badly matched right hand side border but can't find a finished photo.)

Way back in November I was allocated Robyn's masterpiece to finish - to quilt and bind. As my machine quilting skills consist of machine quilting straightish lines and I find no joy in the actual experience of machine quilting, I went back to hand quilting. So here are lots and lots of photos of the quilting -

I started back in December by cross hatching the yellow and orange section, but once I got going on the 'waves' didn't like the cross hatching so unpicked it. all. Some of my pink/magenta sewing was also unpicked - the lazy daisy didn't really fit the rest of the quilt. I really enjoyed the old-school hand quilting. It's been ages since I did any. I am sure I am not as good as I used to be when it's all I did. I could only get four stitches on my needle and I used to be able to get six or seven ... maybe I will blame the batting!

Pretty sure I haven't ever used seven different threads in a quilt before.

I used cotton batting and it shed like mad - using the thicker perle thread seemed to pull the fibres of the batting through to the front. It  might be better once it's had a wash. Anyway, it's now back with Robyn, and I got my tui o'clock back!

At our Monday Modern gathering last night we committed to our first challenge for 2016 - Liz is going shopping for 'ugly' brown fabric for us all.


  1. Your quilting on Robyn's quilt is gorgeous. Nice to see some close up pics - I had not noticed all of the detail when I saw it last night.