Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's Tui O'Clock - Completed Round Robin Quilt

The tui is endemic to Aotearoa - New Zealand. There are stories of tui that have been trained to talk. That would be lots of fun! Anyway, last August for our Modern Monday I made tui o'clock using a Bubblestitch pattern I bought on etsy.

Carolyn, Megan and Robyn each added a round to it and Louise quilted and bound the little quilt.

I love the colours. I love the parts that have been added and the fabrics.

It's going to hang in the dining room as soon as I made a sleeve for it, where it will coordinate with the orange piano, orange dining chairs, orange framed Hastings tea towel and my Great Aunt's little bit orange chairs. Perfect. Thanks, ladies!

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  1. Tuis are my favourite bird! I think I'm going to have to stop thinking of you in terms of 'blue and green' and think of orange instead :-)