Friday, January 15, 2016

The Garden Party Quilt is Growing

In addition to getting my part of the round robin done in the hols, I made my nephew Lucas a chair-book-bag. He starts school when school commences for the new year at the end of Jan and this was on the list of things he needed. We made a trip to Spotlight and he chose some dinosaur fabric. His sister Lucy saw the bag and thought it would make a good sleeping bag for her dolls, so I whipped up a smaller version for her dolls to sleep in. Last I saw, her toy horses (known as the 'cousin horses') were sleeping in it! No photos there, but here I did instagram a few pics of the garden party quilt.

First I worked on the background - known as the dirt, the fence and the sky. Here's a glamorous clothesline photo minus the sky.

Once I added the sky it barely fitted on the lounge floor, so I shifted it onto the lawn to trial flower placement. I have since hand stitched on seven flowers. In a way I feel a bit disappointed they cover up the background.


  1. This looks like it's going to be lovely :)

  2. How big will this end up Karyn. Love those bright pink dresdens - they will POP against the background.