Saturday, January 23, 2016

Making a Dress

Every January I feel like making clothes. Every January I buy a pattern. Every January passes and I don't. I think this time last year I bought a 100 Acts of Sewing pattern.

I visited The Fabric Shop in Otara this morning (formerly know as Designer Textiles Outlet). I was keen for linen, but they didn't have any. I found a cotton chambray that feels and, annoyingly, wrinkles like linen. It has tiny flecks of green, red and yellow. I think it was only $8 a metre.

My favourite part of the making was the liberty bias which I hand sewed down because I hate fiddly machine sewing.

I lengthened the dress so it finishes just under my knees. I shortened the sleeves so they finish at the elbow and I added only one pocket. I thought two might make it look a bit pinaforey. I also lessened the degree of the A-line by about 1.5 inches on both sides as it was quite sticky-outty. I think because the fabric is heavier like linen.

I am keen to to make another one. This one is a bit wide on the shoulder - the shoulder seam sits a way off my actual shoulder, so I will have to google a solution to that. And I would like a slightly wider, and more sticky uppy neck binding/collar. So I will be heading back to Otara in the near future.

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  1. I really like the looks of this dress - especially the different coloured binding at the neck. It looks somewhat organic and Japaneeze (if you know what I mean). Although, I'm sure it would look terrible on me, and that is just the thing that sucks about sewing clothes in general. However, I must comment that I love your photo settings, just been enjoying scrolling through your accomplishments throughout the last few months. You have been busy!