Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Favourite (so far) Mary Shift Dress

I love shopping at Magazine Clothing, and saw a nice dress online recently which featured a panel of contrasting fabric on the front while the sleeves, hem and back were in another fabric. It was priced around $300. I thought, I can make that so pulled out the Mary Shift Dress pattern one more time this summer.

I have had the flower fabric for a couple of years and took it back to The Fabric Shop in Otara to find some green fabric. The flower fabric feels like a super soft cotton - maybe it's a rayon? And the green is a bit heavier and is lovely. It has a bit of a sheen to it. No idea what type of fabric it is - I will check that out when I next visit. I do remember it was only $8 per metre and it came in about 10 colours.

I think it's my best choice of fabric so far because it hangs nicely.

Originally the back was going to be green - I had it all cut out when I noticed a couple of marks that I must have got on it after cutting it out. I washed it and they didn't move. I didn't have any green fabric left but enought of the flowers, so the back ended up in flowers too.

Sadly, the dress did not bring me any or this pretty little horse any luck at the races. Next time.

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  1. Such a gorgeous green - perfect with the floral. You'll have to make a hat next time too.