Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nameless Quilt with Curves

I was inspired to make start this quilt after seeing a picture on instagram which lead me right to Kathy York's tutorials on how she made it - scroll down to 'The Making of One Earth'. I was very keen to use teal and mustard for some reason.

My first block above turned out ultra-wonky. I think I flipped some of the curves. This one ended up in the bin.

The solids are all from Spotlight. The yellow/gold isn't as mustard as I was really looking for but sometimes when you want to sew you want to sew and don't want to wait days or weeks for an online order. I bought just half a metre of the gold and maroon, and a metre of the teal. Because I rejected my first block, I didn't have any gold left for the re-make block, so it's perhaps a bit darker than I would like. Originally, I pulled a white with black spot for the fourth fabric but had a sudden brainwave to test the leftovers from a dress I had just finished and really, really liked the look of that. Not sure how practical it is to have silk in a quilt ... guess I will find out.

I have since added a 30cm-ish border of the black yarn dyed linen. (I bought 3 metres of it and I don't have a lot left.) Since then it's sat folded up on the footstool in the lounge waiting to be basted. I plan to hand quilt it using a perle-type thread following - kind of - the circles.

I am yet to settle on a name for this one - I quite like aamio (v. to orbit, go round) or whetuu maarama (n. planet). Think I am leaning towards the first idea.


  1. It looks great. Aorangi is another nice sounding word for planet. I like amio ( can't seem to use a macron here)

  2. Very cool. How big is it? Nothing wrong with Spotlight solids, I use them a lot too, especially like their shot cottons.

  3. Thanks for the link! I may not have mentioned, but I threw away my first attempt at doing the giant curves too! Love yours!