Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Have Been Quilting

I started this quilt way back in March when the light was bright. Now it is rainy and grey most of the time. Good weather for quilting.

I used my quilting hoop for the centre and then lap quilted the grey. All the rings are free hand to go with the mis-matched and free hand cut centre curves. It's quilted using variegated black-dark grey Sue Spargo eleganza thread.

I used a bamboo batting because Spotlight was out of wool. I wouldn't use it again. It produces a very flat finish, and I like some puffiness, and it shed worse than hand quilting a cotton batting.

This quilt has been finished this weekend. Possibly just in time for gifting later in the week. Pix to come when it stops raining. This one is 'Amio' - Maori for orbit.


  1. Love the look of your organic quilting. Interesting, I had wondered what the bamboo batting was like to use!

  2. It's a lovely quilt. You're lovely to give some a nice gift!