Friday, January 13, 2017

I Did Some Quilting

From the start, I knew this one was going to be hand quilted. Mainly because it's small and it's already partly hand stitched. I finally got around to watching that Sarah Fielke hand quilting video that people talk about. The quilting towards you idea is new to me. I think with her method you get better stitching on the back - stitches you can see rather than just dots.

I am using a wool batting - mmm the softeness and the puffiness - Chenille needles (probably purchased from The Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington) and some variegated thread made in Romania I bought at JJ's Crafts in Taradale a year or so ago. These three things make a great combination.

Nothing beats hand quilting. In fact, I think I am going to make start on my smaller and favourite works in progress and actually get them finished!


  1. I'm loving watching this quilt come together, Karyn. Particularly as I'm a teacher too and am happy for you (and me) that you have time in January to achieve rapid progress on a project. Enjoy :)

  2. The quilting looks perfect. Haven't heard of this video so will have to check it out.