Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Made Some Dresses

And I chose what turned into the windiest day in Auckland ever to photograph them.

It started between Christmas and New Year with this one -

It is Vogue 1496. I made it with the less low v neck, although it is still quite low. I think I also stretched the fabric around the neck when making it, so the neck doesn't sit as well as I would like. However, I will make this one again and I have some nice navy linen I might use. This one is made from a navy print rayon.

I then returned to good old Style Arc patterns for two more Adeline Dresses (above) and one more Mary Shift Dress (below).

I also made two dresses for Lucy the niece. She chose the fabrics - one is bright pink with orange spots and the other blue with flowers and butterflies! I forgot to photograph them before gifting them.


  1. You have been so productive these holidays - guessing all your trees are still standing after last night's storm.

  2. The dresses are great! You'll be all set for the new term :) Love the last fabric with the geese .

  3. That Vogue one looks like a nice simple pattern. A few weeks ago I noticed a lady walking her dog early in the morning and she had on something similar in what looked like a knit. It was simple but draped beautifully so didn't look at all sack like and she looked so stylish at such an early hour. I must look it out!