Saturday, September 30, 2017

... to Maraetai

I had been to Maraetai a grand total of once before a recent photography meet up. It's a big 30k from my house! My frolleague (blend of friend and colleague) Belinda saw that Clinton of Intopix Photography was having a meetup at Maraetai Wharf a couple of Saturday evenings and asked if I was keen. So I joined Belinda, her daughter and niece. It was a small group of about 10 people and we played with long exposures. I love the way the water smooths out with long exposure. I'd like to learn how to capture the clouds better with long exposures too.

We then moved onto playing with the torches.

I have since watched some videos on using steel wool inside a whisk to make even cooler light pix.

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  1. You wouldn't even be able to get a carpark out there if it was peak summer. Some lovely moody looking photos. Enjoy your holidays.