Sunday, October 8, 2017

... to Cornwallis

Since my visit to Maraetai I have been googling 'wharf Auckland' and zooming in on google maps to possible locations on the coast around Auckland. This led me to Cornwallis way, way, way "out West" as we say in the south of Auckland. If I had a hovercraft, it would be about a 20km trip, but as I don't it was a 40km drive out through Titirangi. Different parts of Auckland have such different 'feels' and looks. Some places, I could not imagine living. But others like Titirangi felt and looked nice. Pity it's so far from work and house prices are probably triple my modest suburb!

Anyway, back to the Cornwallis. I was blown away by how beautiful it was. Truly beautiful. There were maybe 10 or so people fishing off the end of the wharf. Once group of young men had just lost a shoe over the edge and were trying to fish it up!

I was keen to practice my long exposure skills but made the complete rookie mistake of leaving my tripod connector at home. Grrr. So I ended up with some 'artistic' shots as I tried to hold my breath so as to not move the camera while the shutter was open.

Then I gave up and took 'normal' photos.

I will return to Cornwallis with all parts of my tripod again soon. I would also take visitors to NZ there. I think they would be blown away by the beauty of the place.


  1. You had a beautiful day for it. My husband and son were out there last Sunday in the rain and wind, they certainly weren't raving over how pretty it was. Guess I'll go out with them next time to see it myself.

  2. Ooh, I love the black and white photo at the bottom! (Have found your blog via the Aotearoa Quilters site that I am currently exploring).

  3. Gorgeous! Have a great week