Friday, October 13, 2017

... to Magazine Bay

This medium sized wharf is just round the corner and up the road from Maraetai. I went about two hours before low tide on a 20 degree day and was disappointed by how many people were there ... people ruin good scenery photos! But if you slow the shutter right down, they turn into a blur or even disappear altogether.

I have minimal photo editing skills. And having learnt old school on film, believe if you take a good pic in the first place you don't need to edit it. But I did tutu (a word kiwi English has borrowed from Maori meaning 'to play') with these ones in picmonkey to crop them and add/remove the colour.

I imagine this place gets packed in summer. I think it would also make good winter photos with the big sky.


  1. I can attest to how busy it gets in summer. Also lots of fisher people out too at various times, including my son.

  2. I'd urge you to lose any guilt about editing or playing with images. Nobody ever gives a painter a hard time for changing things around.And no camera captures a scene as our eyes saw it anyway. Tutu away I say :-)