Thursday, November 30, 2017

... Clay Cliffs, Omarama

To reach the Clay Cliffs outside Omarama you take a shingle road. The most corrugated road I have ever driven is the one to Bodie State Park, in the wops of California. The road to the Clay Cliffs of Omarama is the second most corrugated road I have ever driven. And there was a fair amount of traffic on it too.

I felt quite underwhelmed by the cliffs. They don't compare to the beautiful national parks of the southwest USA. And they are probably not supposed to. But I had in my head beautiful blue sky and 'red' rock formations like Arches and Bryce. Nope.

I got to Omarama via the settlement of Earthquakes.There I climbed (as in walked up a steep hill) to see some fossilised whale bones.

On my way to Omarama I thanked the South Island for all the electricity they generate for the North Island as I drove around Lake Aviemore to Benmore.

Returning through Kurow I thought this garage below possibly has the best paint job in the whole of NZ.

And I loved these Oamaru stone figures just coming into Kurow overlooking the memorial oak trees. 400 oak trees were planted in 1919 to commemorate the locals who did not return home after the first World War. You can read more about the commemorative oaks here.

So while the Clay Cliffs were underwhelming, I found lots of interesting and scenic phototunities on the way there and back.

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  1. Lots of eyecatching shots there Karyn -I'm enjoying your photographic journey.