Sunday, December 10, 2017

... to North Central Otago

Inspired by some IG photos of St Bathan's, on the third day of the long long weekend, I headed south from Oamaru to Palmerston and then inland to North Central Otago.

NZ's goldrush happened in the 1860s so there are a lot of historic buildings down that way. Central Otago is now known for the 'rail trail' were people ride bikes for days alongside disused railway lines. Rather them than me. I detoured to Naseby on my way back and it's reinvented itself as a mountain biking destination. It turns out my sister-in-law's grandparents used to live in Naseby.

Like the day before, my final destination was a let down because it was blowing a gale at St Bathan's which whipped up the water, and the sky was grey. Next time!

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  1. I am quite enjoying travelling vicariously around the South Island with you. Those halls are so much nicer than what they build today. If walls could talk.