Thursday, December 14, 2017

... to downtown Oamaru

I awoke on the final day of the long long weekend to rain. So much rain, I called into The Warehouse to buy an umbrella!

I had 'saved' taking photos of Oamaru until the final day of my trip and given the pouring rain it was fairly deserted for the first couple of hours. 

I couldn't believe this massive church around the corner from the motel I stayed. It looks like it belongs in some big city overseas. St Patrick's Basilica is at the top end of Usk Street which runs all the way down to the sea. I imagine in the olden days people walked up the road to church from their houses on the railway line and harbour. I guess it also speaks to the wealth that used to be in Oamaru. According to google, the church was founded in 1894 and it took 25 years to complete!

I then drove the couple of kilometres into the historic precinct and walked around in the pouring rain where I randomly rain into a colleague and her husband while crossing the street. The rain made for nice colours and good reflections.

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Oamaru. It's a great central place to base yourself for day trips and the history, I think, makes it unlike any other place in NZ. Now if only my school was there ...

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