Monday, December 18, 2017

... to a workshop on Impressionist and Abstract Photography

Not my usual photographic cup of tea. However, it is good to learn new things.

The tour met in the city. There were only four of us plus the tutor. After an intro and some examplars, we hit the streets of downtown Auckland.

Apparently, impressionist and abstract photography is all about mood and atmosphere. I tend to photograph things that 'look nice' rather than think about mood or atmosphere and I am not sure I really kept mood and atmosphere in the front of my head when taking these pix. However, I like the look of them 😉


I think all of these were shot in tv-mode with slow shutter speeds. I liked not worrying about keeping the camera still - even more so, being encouraged to move the camera and/or lens while the shutter was open. Breaking 'rules' can be fun.

Not sure, this is a style I want to pursue. I would like to learn about multi-exposures though.

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