Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the holidays I will ...

1     ... make at least 37 more of these blocks -

so I can complete the top of The Little Patchwork Village Quilt I started in January.

2     Get this one basted.

I was planning to use a grey, citron and white striped linen. But at the Auckland Modern Quilt Guild meeting someone spoke about using linen in quilting. She said that it moves a lot - I guess because it is a looser weave than cotton, so now I am unsure. So that means buying 4+ metres of new fabric to back it.

3     Get the picnic quilt top finished. I plan to get the zigzag part finished today, so in the hols I will add the triangles at the end of each row of zigzags to make it square or rectangular. I was reading my NZ Quilter magazine and it shows this quilt:

by Alison Naylor of Queenstown and it got me thinking about quilting words onto the picnic quilt. Maybe 'picnic' in different languages or 'food' in different languages.

One week of school left until the hols. The stupid Rugby World Cup is delaying all of our holidays this year and making our terms 12 weeks long. Just so 'they' can keep school traffic off the roads for two weeks in October in one part of Auckland. Pffff. Anyone would think we were hosting the Olympics.

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  1. Hi Karyn, I love your Plus Quilt! do you have a pattern that you like for it?
    I'm looking for a good pattern!
    Thanks! WendyB