Sunday, November 30, 2014

Geese for Modern Monday

Our Modern Monday block lotto this month is a flock of geese in sort of aqua-green-blue.

It's a paper-pieced pattern. I don't think I have done any paper-piecing since last year. And I didn't enjoy this pattern at all! I think it looks nice, but this is version #2 because the first one had hideously mis-matched points all over the show so it went in the bin. And in places this one is just over 12.25" rather than 12.5" - which I know will work out in the seam allowance - but it was a fiddly pain all the same and not a block I will ever sew again.


  1. I like your finished block! I've only done a little paper piecing, tricky I agree but seems to give a very accurate result. L

  2. I found this block time consuming to make too. Lucky we only had to make one - a perfect bee block in that respect.

  3. oh i can feel your frustration!! but block two looks fantastic :)