Thursday, December 18, 2014

Summer Holiday Sewing

In the hols I plan to:

1   Get more of Lucy's Meow quilt done ... maybe even finished. No, that's too ambitious given I don't enjoy making all the half square triangles in this quilt. (I probably should have thought of that before I started it.)

2   Work on this cool quilt. I have had the fabric and pattern stashed away for a few months.

3   I would love also to get this one started. It's from Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking.

Mocha the neighbour's cat has been my cat friend this week - sleeping all over the washing I should have put away when I brought it in off the line rather than dumping it on the spare bed! 

Lucy the Cat has been sick and to the vet four times in six days. Blood tests, anti nausea injection, anti-inflammatory injection, x-rays and four teeth extractions later ... she is returning to her normal self, although the pharyngitis (on top of the 'feline oral resorptive lesions' issue) means her meow is still a bit croaky. Hopefully, that's it now until her annual warrant of fitness in March.


  1. Enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas to you. Poor kitty

  2. Poor Lucy, hope she comes right soon. I haven't seen that Carolyn Freidlander pattern before, nice to see a cool and modern looking applique pattern.

  3. I have always loved that quilt in Jane B's book! And, while I struggle applique, your no. 2 project looks very interesting! Hope Lucy -the -Cat is improving now. Have a lovely festive season, & happy sewing too! Linda

  4. Ouch vet bills at this time of year. Good luck with working through your project list.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Very nice projects - haha - I know this HSTs dilemma, just make doll quilts out of the existing blocks ;-)
    All the best for this cute little kitten!

  6. Poor Lucy.... :( I cant wait to see the little cat block project finished! It's so cute!